Who are we?

We want to spread sustainability through technology, Greenpow  is based in  one of the few countries almost entirely running from renewable energy, Costa Rica .

As part of our plan to change the way the data center industry works, we are currently offering  certified carbon neutral hosting services and server infrastructure to more than 70 of our founder clients, serving a variety of  fields including  education, health , technology, food,  non profit , among others.

To support our initiative our company offers IT and Cloud Infrastructure in a certified Carbon Neutral Data Centers in United States, Canada and Costa Rica.  We offer hosting servers, shared hosting, app and cloud services along with all the infrastructure your company, Business , Organization or Project might need.

Greenpow Costa Rica masters its services in

  • Data engineering worldwide
  • Cloud and clustering services
  • IT Managed Services,
  • Private and Public Cloud Computing
  • Data Storage and Security
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Energy Efficiency,
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • Digital Development of companies (Web development and services of our Digital Greenpow.Studio )


•Multidisciplinary professionals

• Outsourcing Businesses

• Established Companies

•NonProfit Projects

• Entrepreneurs and Startups

•Digital Agencies and publishers

•Government and Public Sector

Requests or inquiries

While preparing to launch all our automated services, feel free to get in touch with us.


Digital Strategic Consulting

Digital technologies present multiple growth opportunities. Our experts help you to define the vision and operating strategies to adapt your organisation.


We do marketing research to help you to understand your customer, and create new products and services that facilitate their experience

Data Mining and Analysis

We store your data and analyse it to improve your brand with business intelligence. In addition we can use this results and help you to analyse it to growth your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

It's vital that your website appears leading the search engines results pages, following the value to your business that today’s economy demands.


We create an unique user experience for your customers. Your products or services will be design from scratch to deliver an exceptional exploration.

Technology Services

We develop and program the cross platform technologies that you business needs to operate effectively. Front end and Back developing, IT, Private and Public Cloud Infrastructure.


We design a custom Marketing Action Plan that as well as full implementation so your brand's campaign speaks directly to the audience.

Development and Deployment

We prototype, develop and create apps for different web and mobile platforms.

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